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  • The Arc Browser

    Command – T does open a new tab. But it does so gracefully. Maybe, actually, you’re trying to get back to a tab you already have open. This will help with that. Maybe, actually, you’re trying to activate an extension. Maybe, actually, it would be nice to jump back to a page you’ve closed recently but is still in history. These are legit things you might actually want to do, it turns out.

    I couldn’t agree with this bit more about the Arc Browser. I had such a muscle memory with Command – T to open a new tab, but never realized that a lot of times I actually wanted to do something else.

    In Arc Browser, that keystroke gets me a world of possibilities from a simple a new tab to utilizing an installed extension. I don’t think I could go back at this point.

    I’m only now hoping that supporting bookmarklets is on the team’s development list.

  • Matter’s Business Model

    Matter Premium will cost $8/month or $60/year and will include features that go beyond the basics: HD text-to-speech, fluid highlighting and note-taking, integrations, full-text search, options to personalize Matter, and priority support.

    This is good to see as I’d like to see it stick around and not default to ads everywhere. However, it’s probably time to audit my subscriptions again as these things start to really add up over time.

    Give Matter a try before the premium kicks in to see if it solves a need for you. I do particularly like the HD text-to-speech feature.

  • Neeva AI for Reddit posts

    At Neeva, we wanted to try exploring a novel way of saving the user time and headache when interacting with a Reddit post. We wanted to focus on a new summarized experience for Reddit posts.

    We believe that by applying the power of large language models onto popular Reddit posts, we can enhance our current Reddit experience by providing an easier-to-digest version of the post for users who want a quick rundown. We recognize that sometimes, users just want to read the discussion as-is, so we’ve made it easy to see the full discussion as well.

    I’ve written before about Google alternatives such as Brave Search and Kagi Search. However, there is also Neeva, which I’ve been keeping a close eye on even more recently. So much so that I’ve ponied up the $50 for a yearly premium membership.

    The UI is great, adding in my own services is helpful, and tailoring the results to sites that I trust is a plus.

    Now, Neeva has gone an extra step to summarize Reddit threads related to your SERP with AI. And, honestly, it’s a pretty slick feature.

    Check it out in action:

    I’ve long since been over using Google as my primary search engine, as using it without an ad blocker is nearly impossible. I truly hope these other search engines can carve out a niche and last a long time.

  • But these days, my RSS app of choice, Reeder, does all the heavy lifting. A while back, it gained the ability to grab the RSS feed for any channel just by pasting in the URL to its channel or any of its videos.

    Today I learned. Thank you, Reeder (and Jarrod).

  • A Refreshed HeyDingus

    Since you’re reading these words, that means that, as was foretold, I’ve launched version 2.0 of 🎉

    Welcome to the Refreshed – HeyDingus

    I’ve been meaning to highlight this for a while now, but Jarrod Bundy redid HeyDingus, one of my favorite follows, and is now blogging via Some good details on the change and tools being used in the post above.

  • I see more people in direct message chats and Discords these days, and people seem to get energy from them in a way you just don’t from Twitter anymore.

    I Don’t Think People Really Want Another Twitter

    I find myself agreeing with this and spent a chunk of the weekend finding ways to replace the value I once saw in Twitter. I appreciate the folks immediately jumping to Mastodon, but for me I think I’ve simply outgrown this sort of social networking on the web.

    Stay tuned for a post on how my consumption has changed.

  • No matter how the quality of Google’s results seems to have declined, I find its results are often more relevant, closer to the source, and more complete than those from DuckDuckGo.

    Quick thoughts:

    • Google’s results have declined, and is just about unusable without an ad blocker.
    • I have always found DuckDuckGo pretty lackluster. If you’re looking for an alternative, I’d suggest giving Brave Search or Kagi a try.

    Hopefully one of the latter will be available for switching my own Safari default on iOS someday.

  • What if you ran your own news feed? You could fill it with things you actually care about, not just clickbait. real journalism, not whatever your racist high-school classmate shares. Learn something new, remember to stay active, keep tabs on what matters.feeeed is an app for that!

    feeeed » build your own news feed

    feeeed is the latest app I’ve been playing around with on my iPhone. It’s a fun, personal aggregator that delivers me things I’m interested in but don’t want to spend time scrolling the respective app to do so.

    Currently, I’m creating a feed of:

    • My step goal
    • Hacker News
    • Weather
    • Personal photo flashbacks
    • subreddits (TodayILearned & ExplainLikeImFive)
    • Top shared links via my Twitter feed

    Smooth scrolling of a no nonsense feed. Like I said, it’s fun. Major kudos to the active dev @nateparrott.

  • PSST: In the future, this sidebar will also show integrations!

    Introducing: Your new task view

    Honestly, the new task view works great for me and all the new additions are pretty solid. But I’m most interested in the quote above and what they have planned.

  • The iPad is for Everyone

    Also, and I’ll beat this drum until I’m blue in the face, but the iPad is special specifically because it appeals to such a diverse set of people and needs.

    The iPad is for Everyone

    I just wanted to amplify this thought from Matt. I don’t get why others continue to want an iPad to be one specific thing, or tailor to the needs of traditional Mac professionals.

    I look around my family and see iPads being used in various ways:

    • It’s my mom’s only device. She browses the web, does her banking, plays solitaire, iMessages with her family, scans documents. And I don’t have to worry about viruses or updating her machine.
    • My three year old daughter can play games, watch shows, color pictures and do amazing things with the Osmo app. She may navigate an iPad better than I can.
    • I use it to watch TV, serve as a working dashboard during business hours, extend my MacBook’s screen while traveling, read books, and simply do any bit of computing for my work that I do at my desk.

    The iPad thrives in its versatility. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it.