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geekery, and so forth w/ @alsmo 5.0

Our app was previously developed using React Native, which is a hybrid web technology that enables JavaScript developers to build mobile apps.

However, we encountered several limitations due to its hybrid nature, such as poor performance and the inability to create native features like Widgets and Shortcuts integration. In this brand new app, I have used Swift and SwiftUI to overcome these limitations and provide a smoother, more native experience.

The app had gotten so clunky to use that I moved bookmarking to, but I missed’s web API and all of my automations through Zapier and IFTTT.

Now, I’m back. What a great update from! This came as a complete surprise, as I had no idea this was in the works (thankfully I still subscribed to its RSS feed). It looks great, and adds a ton more functionality.

I renewed my yearly subscription on the spot.