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Using Reeder 5 to bucket consumption

TL;DR The “Bucket” is Reeder 5 on macOS, iOS, and iPadOS and the net that scoops everything up is Feedbin. This is also the sync system.

Internet Bucket of Consumption – //Jason Burk

I jump around too often as well and one of my new year’s hopes is to streamline my app usage. Of the apps Jason listed, I’m spreading too much between Instapaper, Pinboard, Matter, Raindrop, and GoodLinks. Jason outlines a way to utilize Reeder and Feedbin (which is my syncing engine) as a way to consume your content.

I love Unread on iOS, but use Reeder on the Mac. Maybe I should go back to using all Reeder and ditch Matter as the read-it-later service.