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The Arc Browser

Command – T does open a new tab. But it does so gracefully. Maybe, actually, you’re trying to get back to a tab you already have open. This will help with that. Maybe, actually, you’re trying to activate an extension. Maybe, actually, it would be nice to jump back to a page you’ve closed recently but is still in history. These are legit things you might actually want to do, it turns out.

I couldn’t agree with this bit more about the Arc Browser. I had such a muscle memory with Command – T to open a new tab, but never realized that a lot of times I actually wanted to do something else.

In Arc Browser, that keystroke gets me a world of possibilities from a simple a new tab to utilizing an installed extension. I don’t think I could go back at this point.

I’m only now hoping that supporting bookmarklets is on the team’s development list.