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The Apple News Experience

But the actual reading experience often stinks — most articles from most publishers in Apple News are lousy with huge ugly ads, breaking up each article every few paragraphs. And the ads are often almost comically low-class chumbox scams. I posted screenshots of a few of them just a few weeks ago on Mastodon.

Daring Fireball: Apple Again Hikes Prices for Its Media Services

I don’t follow the news of the day via RSS, so I actually enjoy relying on Apple News to read quality journalism that I’ve selected. Luckily, my ad blocking at the DNS level removes a lot, if not all, of the crap Gruber mentions above. It’s really awful for a paid service from Apple to be so crappy.

What’s even worse for me is the below. Block a news source to tailor your experience? Instead of just not showing you that publication, we’ll still populate our news feed with it, but just show you that it’s blocked.

Um, how about just not showing it to me? Since, you know, I blocked it. 🤷‍♂️