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Subscribing to YouTube RSS

Prior to using YouTube over RSS, I would open the YouTube app on my iPhone or iPad, browse the subscriptions tab and save any video I wanted to view in my Watch Later playlist. Then I’d start watching from there.

YouTube Over RSS – Initial Charge

Reading this piece from Mike hit home. I love YouTube. I subscribe to a ton of content, and even pay for YouTube Premium. However, my usage would oftentimes follow the above, except after something was pushed to Watch Later I’d forget about it.

I usually consume YouTube on Apple TV and just scroll through my subscriptions list. Basically, if I get to it I get to it, which meant I missed out on a lot of good stuff.

Starting today, I’ve pushed a lot of my must watches (Chris Lawley & A Better Computer to name a couple) into my RSS reader of choice, Reeder. With using Reeder’s iCloud option, I just input the YouTube URL and it automatically grabs the feed for me. Even better.

Just today I starred two videos from those above to watch later. It works perfectly, because I actually to peruse my starred articles daily. Time to go watch!