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New Unread update gives the RSS app linked list-reading super powers

Better late than never, but I’ve had this flagged to mention for quite some time.

This 2.7 update was secretly the best feature added by my favorite RSS reader.

This update focuses on improving the reading experience around linked list articles. A linked list article is an article consisting of a link to another article and a quote from or comment on that article. Linked list articles are often found on Daring Fireball, The Loop, MacStories, Pixel Envy, Six Colors, and TidBITS.

Each subscription now has three different webpage text setting values that can be applied to traditional articles and to linked list articles:

• Feed Text

• Webpage Text

• Both (Feed Text and Webpage Text)

When showing both, Unread will show the article content from the feed and the content from the linked article. When showing just feed text or webpage text for a linked list article, the swipe left menu will include a Feed & Webpage Text option.