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Neeva AI for Reddit posts

At Neeva, we wanted to try exploring a novel way of saving the user time and headache when interacting with a Reddit post. We wanted to focus on a new summarized experience for Reddit posts.

We believe that by applying the power of large language models onto popular Reddit posts, we can enhance our current Reddit experience by providing an easier-to-digest version of the post for users who want a quick rundown. We recognize that sometimes, users just want to read the discussion as-is, so we’ve made it easy to see the full discussion as well.

I’ve written before about Google alternatives such as Brave Search and Kagi Search. However, there is also Neeva, which I’ve been keeping a close eye on even more recently. So much so that I’ve ponied up the $50 for a yearly premium membership.

The UI is great, adding in my own services is helpful, and tailoring the results to sites that I trust is a plus.

Now, Neeva has gone an extra step to summarize Reddit threads related to your SERP with AI. And, honestly, it’s a pretty slick feature.

Check it out in action:

I’ve long since been over using Google as my primary search engine, as using it without an ad blocker is nearly impossible. I truly hope these other search engines can carve out a niche and last a long time.