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Introducing Discussions: Real Human Answers in Search Results

With Discussions, search results on Brave Search are augmented with actual conversations related to the query, pulled from popular forum sites like Reddit. This allows users to easily see what the community is saying about a topic, rather than just reading content curated by websites.

Introducing Discussions: Real Human Answers in Search Results | Brave Browser

Cool new feature for Brave Search, which I’ve started to use a lot more recently.

Even better is this tidbit about an upcoming feature:

But Discussions is just the first step in Brave’s mission to make search more neutral and open, and to counteract bias or outright filtering of results. Discussions will soon be followed by Brave Goggles, which will allow users to create their own result filters, and rulesets to constrain a searchable space or alter result ordering.

Rather than a single, secretive way of ranking and “curating” results (as there is with Google), Brave Search Goggles will allow for an almost infinite number of ranking and filtering options. All driven by the community of users. And together, Discussions and Goggles will offer a powerful set of tools to counteract bias and Big Tech’s unseen influence on our information.

Sign me up for a personalized search experience. Hopefully they can get better at local search, too, as that’s where Google (with Google My Business) truly excels.