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feeeed » build your own news feed

What if you ran your own news feed? You could fill it with things you actually care about, not just clickbait. real journalism, not whatever your racist high-school classmate shares. Learn something new, remember to stay active, keep tabs on what matters.feeeed is an app for that!

feeeed » build your own news feed

feeeed is the latest app I’ve been playing around with on my iPhone. It’s a fun, personal aggregator that delivers me things I’m interested in but don’t want to spend time scrolling the respective app to do so.

Currently, I’m creating a feed of:

  • My step goal
  • Hacker News
  • Weather
  • Personal photo flashbacks
  • subreddits (TodayILearned & ExplainLikeImFive)
  • Top shared links via my Twitter feed

Smooth scrolling of a no nonsense feed. Like I said, it’s fun. Major kudos to the active dev @nateparrott.