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Brave Search & Browser

Brave is building for the future and, if they keep it up, I don’t think it’ll be too long before many of us switch our default again.

Brave Search Replaces Google as the Default Search Engine in the Brave Browser – Initial Charge

Brave Search is actually pretty good. I’ve been testing Brave, DuckDuckGo, and Neeva for a bit. As a standard search engine, Brave is my favorite of the three. The only thing missing, which is pretty big, is the ability to provide more relevant local information. Google has really dominated the market here with Google My Business listings.

For that reason alone, I go in between the two search engines. Luckily, Brave provides a quick Google link on its search results (though I do wonder how long that’ll last).

Secondarily, I’ve been using Brave as my browser of choice for almost a year now. My fans don’t go nuts, it runs pretty smooth and supports all of the Chrome extensions I was using. Between Brave and Vivaldi, the browser market is exciting again. If you haven’t given either of these a try yet, I suggest you should.