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Apple Watch, Fitness+, and Closing Your Rings

With some small changes, Apple could empower more people to close their rings. It encourages better behaviors without penalizing for a day off when rest is needed, or an injury or illness sidelines you for a little while.

Close Your Rings Differently –

Tim has a couple of good options in his post above, and I totally agree with the sentiment.

Pushing yourself when sick or hurt isn’t ideal, nor should you feel discouraged when breaking a streak because of it. Rest days are just as important, and I hope Apple acknowledges that for users who rely on the Activity app.

One additional item I’d add is the option to add a mindful minutes ring. Apple could do a lot to push mental health for all by simply making it stand out a bit more. The pieces are already there with watch notifications and guided sessions through Fitness+, and this would be the extra nudge that some need to ensure they’re in a better headspace.