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1/22: Switching to Brave

At the beginning of January, I noted my aim to move to Brave as my default browser.

This has become something of a monthly theme where I’m looking to change some of my computing workflows throughout 2022. And, honestly, this one may end up being the easiest to accomplish.

I’ve been using Brave full-time for a while now and I’m completely happy. It helps that it’s Chromium-based and thus supports all of the extensions I used on Chrome. And, while I don’t have any need for the crypto features, it at least lets me turn that functionality off.

I still use other ad & script blocking measures, but I like that my browser has a default mechanism to capture a majority of these upfront. And I suspect removing the Chrome bloat has been a sigh of relief from my MacBook Pro. With Chrome, my fans constantly spun. Not so much, if at all really, with Brave.

I see nothing but positives at the moment, and don’t see myself reinstalling Chrome ever.

Secondarily, I did check out Vivaldi a little bit, but not as much as I’d hoped. I still have it installed and look forward to testing is customizations and pro-user functionality.

For the first time in a while, I’m excited about browsers and look forward to seeing how some of these companies can innovate in this space.

I’ll post about February’s activity soon, which may be more about reading workflows than one specific app.