Daring Fireball: Google’s Search Results Have Gotten Worse

Google’s own search results have clearly gotten worse. The comparison of how low they sometimes push the top actual result are eye opening. Daring Fireball: Google’s Search Results Have Gotten Worse Couldn’t agree more. It’s impossible to use Google without an ad blocker Organic listings are damn near impossible to find at times Personally, I’ve … Continue reading Daring Fireball: Google’s Search Results Have Gotten Worse

Playing Stadia

For some reason being able to pick up my controller and play on my phone, iPad, or on my TV whatever the situation really fits into my life. ♥️ Stadia – Greg Morris I received a free Stadia package from Google for being a YouTube Premium (or YouTube TV) subscriber. To quickly recap my previous … Continue reading Playing Stadia


Put the building blocks of IFTTT in your own hands. Go beyond if this then that with queries, conditional logic, multiple actions, and more. IFTTT Pro I’ve been using IFTTT for free since its inception. I’ve always hoped they’d do a pro level to help sustain them a bit longer and provide more value (much … Continue reading IFTTT Pro

An Apple Search Engine

Also — and this is a complete guess — it feels like a good opportunity for Apple to repurpose its domain, doesn’t it? Apple Once Again Rumoured to Be Working on a Web Search Engine — Pixel Envy Certainly does. However, and to link to the original post by Jon Henshaw, I think what … Continue reading An Apple Search Engine


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