Brave Search & Browser

Brave is building for the future and, if they keep it up, I don’t think it’ll be too long before many of us switch our default again.

Brave Search Replaces Google as the Default Search Engine in the Brave Browser – Initial Charge

Brave Search is actually pretty good. I’ve been testing Brave, DuckDuckGo, and Neeva for a bit. As a standard search engine, Brave is my favorite of the three. The only thing missing, which is pretty big, is the ability to provide more relevant local information. Google has really dominated the market here with Google My Business listings.

For that reason alone, I go in between the two search engines. Luckily, Brave provides a quick Google link on its search results (though I do wonder how long that’ll last).

Secondarily, I’ve been using Brave as my browser of choice for almost a year now. My fans don’t go nuts, it runs pretty smooth and supports all of the Chrome extensions I was using. Between Brave and Vivaldi, the browser market is exciting again. If you haven’t given either of these a try yet, I suggest you should.

New Unread update gives the RSS app linked list-reading super powers

Better late than never, but I’ve had this flagged to mention for quite some time.

This 2.7 update was secretly the best feature added by my favorite RSS reader.

This update focuses on improving the reading experience around linked list articles. A linked list article is an article consisting of a link to another article and a quote from or comment on that article. Linked list articles are often found on Daring Fireball, The Loop, MacStories, Pixel Envy, Six Colors, and TidBITS.

Each subscription now has three different webpage text setting values that can be applied to traditional articles and to linked list articles:

• Feed Text

• Webpage Text

• Both (Feed Text and Webpage Text)

When showing both, Unread will show the article content from the feed and the content from the linked article. When showing just feed text or webpage text for a linked list article, the swipe left menu will include a Feed & Webpage Text option.

Comics on Substack

via Substack is getting into comics – The Verge:

Among the creators signed up is James Tynion IV, who until now was the head writer of DC’s flagship Batman title. Tynion wrote in a blog post that he will be using Substack to “create a new slate of original comic book properties” and build “a bunch of really cool stuff on my own terms.” Substack has also signed up Saladin Ahmed, Molly Knox Ostertag, and Scott Snyder, among others.

Panel Syndicate was ahead of its time. I’m happy to see this, and other efforts like exclusive deals with comiXology, to get creators other avenues to explore beyond the old print methods.

Google and Samsung to Merge Wear OS and Tizen for Watches

Meanwhile, Google and Samsung are merging two totally different OSes. None of Apple’s smartwatch competitors have made anything even vaguely approaching iconic hardware designs. And Samsung, we’re supposed to believe, is OK with competing manufacturers benefitting from this new Wear OS/Tizen merged platform based at least in part on Samsung’s work.

What a mess.

Daring Fireball: Google and Samsung Claim to Be Merging Wear OS and Tizen Into a Unified OS for Watches

I just want to add that it’s even more of a mess when you remember Google also owns Fitbit. Yet another watch/activity tracker OS to support.

*insert shrug emoji*

Daring Fireball: Google’s Search Results Have Gotten Worse

Google’s own search results have clearly gotten worse. The comparison of how low they sometimes push the top actual result are eye opening.

Daring Fireball: Google’s Search Results Have Gotten Worse

Couldn’t agree more.

  • It’s impossible to use Google without an ad blocker
  • Organic listings are damn near impossible to find at times

Personally, I’ve been using DuckDuckGo for a bit, and it works just fine for me. As an SEO, though, I do have to professionally play Google’s game so I do need to visit and see what the latest is. And each day it gets a tiny bit more depressing to use.